Not really, because there’s not much ado about valleys in this one, but it’s a pretty cool video nonetheless, and doesn’t afraid of anything. Debuted today over at NME today, the new video from Mastodon for the track ‘Dry Bone Valley‘ is chock full of odd, morphing faces, pretty colours, and imagery synonymous with ancient central American cultures. Check it out:

One of the tracks from their most recent album The Hunter, it is something of a rare gem as it features the vocals of drummer Brann Dailor, rather than the usual Brent Hinds or Troy Sanders. It’s actually one of my favourites, partly because of this – the delivery and vocal pattern is pretty cool, and it’s got that expansive Crack The Skye feel; an album I love dearly.

Mastodon are currently on tour in Europe supporting the record with U.S. tour mates Red Fang, and will soon head to the UK for a stint before flying out to Australia to play Brisbane’s Soundwave Festival in late February.

– CG

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