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One of our favorite breakout acts of 2011, Uneven Structure, has announced the departure of drummer Christian Schreil and welcomed aboard new drummer Jean Ferry. Thankfully, the lineup change was completely drama-free and understandable. Here’s what Christian had to say, via Basick Records:

“It is to my greatest sadness that I have to tell all of you that Uneven Structure and I are going to go separate ways.  This is not happening as a result of bad cooperation or anything like that, ’tis simply a matter of me not being able to put all my heart and soul into what I’m doing as part of my contribution to the band. With this being said, I have great confidence in the future of Uneven Structure and I strongly believe that these guys will take everything we’ve been building together for these past fourteen months to a completely different level.

I’ve been fortunate enough to take part in an amazing journey with the process of finishing ‘Februus’, and that is something that I forever will be grateful for.
I would also like to welcome the new drummer, Jean Ferry, to the band! He is an absolutely phenomenal drummer! If my words aren’t convincing enough, wait till you catch him live at the BASICK Party and the PROTEST THE HERO tour and you’ll see what I mean!

Best thall’s – Christian.”

The band’s new drummer Jean made his live debut with the band this past weekend in Moscow, as seen in the above photo, courtesy of

Hopefully this is the only lineup change the band will ever have to go through. Here’s to wishful thinking!

– JR

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