Australian guitarist Paul Wardingham made quite a few waves early last year when he released his debut album Assimilate Regenerate. Indeed, the record was quite fantastic, sounding like a far more interesting instrumental version of Scar Symmetry. Wardingham got the idea of guitar-oriented instrumental metal right, with the perfect blend of melody and technical showmanship. If you haven’t heard it, seek it out as soon as possible.

For the rest of us who know of this man’s greatness have something new to look forward to in the coming months; Paul Wardingham just announced his new album The Human Affliction. Set to be released-mid 2012, this record will be a concept album. Here’s what Paul had to say:

“I wasn’t planning on making an album like this for a few years, but the music began to take on a life of its own and a story materialized from the themes of each track. Assimilate Regenerate was conceptual in that it was inspired by science fiction, future technology and the effect it has on society, and I have always had visual references in my mind associated to the music I write, so it feels quite natural to progress to an album like this.

“I would say it’s going to be darker, more progressive and more epic than ‘Assimilate Regenerate’, still with a heavy dose of melodic shred and ambient synth work like before.”

Sounds excellent! We’ll be sure to follow up with more information. Keep up with Paul Wardingham on Facebook in the mean time!

– JR


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