In the most succinct way possible, Swiss sludge band KNUT have announced that they are now on indefinite hiatus:

Whilst hardly the most prolific band, this is certainly a loss for the scene, and metal in general. I was never hugely into them (although I’m sure this will spurn me into finally giving them deserved time), but as a Hydrahead band – and the indication of quality that label always adds – I’ve most certainly enjoyed what I heard. I used to see the album cover for Terraformer all the time back when it was released in 2005, but to my chagrin I was too enthralled with labelmates ISIS to give them their due.

Jerome Doudet was known to be selling a Fender Jazzbass Aerodyn Custom back in December, so I’m guessing that was a sign of them winding down as a precursor to this unhappy event.

Join with me in watching the band perform ‘Ultralight Backpacking‘ from their most recent album Wonder, back in April of last year in London, and lament their loss.


– CG

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