It’s been six years and three member changes since Swedish five-piece Spawn of Possession released the opus that is Noctambulant, and it goes without saying that it’s one of the best tech death albums out there. The wait, however, is nearly over, as they have a follow-up to that coming out soon, titled Incurso.

In the build up, they’ve posted a new song called ‘Where Angels Go Demons Follow‘! You can stream it below.

It sounds very much like a better Noctambulant song, preserving the unique, crisp production on that album. It’s amazingly written, with the guitars interacting to form an intricate sound. If this is any indication, their new album will be incredible.

It’s understandable, as Spawn Of Possession features some tried and tested talent, including the wonderful Christian Muenzner of Obscura/ex-Necrophagist, and Matthew Chalk (ex-PsycropticMephistopheles). If that isn’t an indication of the talent here, I don’t know what is.

Incurso will be out on March 13th via Relapse Records.

– NT

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