I can’t say I’m much of a fan of folk metal, but I did dig Eluveitie‘s last album Everything Remains (As It Never Was). I’m a sucker for lively melodeath riffs and the whole folky modern metal sound that the band had struck me as being pretty neat. It was certainly a catchy record, and at that point their most accessible.

So as it turns out, just like every other band that has a female involved, it would appear that they’ve gone even more mainstream friendly if ‘A Rose For Epona’ is a sign of things to come from Eluveitie. ‘A Rose For Epona‘ dials back the harsh vocals quite a bit and is centered around frontlady Anna Murphy. It’s also quite hilarious that Chrigel Glanzmann (vocals, various folk instruments) looks bored to death in the video above as he idly plucks his mandolin. Can we start giving the band a cute nickname like Folkanescence or Folkuna Coil now?

Jokes aside, obviously it’s just a single! Eluveitie’s forthcoming album Helvetios is due out February 28th (woah, what a day!) on Nuclear Blast.

– JR


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