I love Christian Mistress. Their album Agony & Opium was one of my favorites of 2010.  They have since migrated labels from 20 Buck Spin to Relapse, and I’ve been looking forward to their Relapse debut for a while now.  For those who are unfamiliar with Christian Mistress, think Iron Maiden, Thin Lizzy, and Black Sabbath having a threesome, and their strange offspring having a vocalist with two x chromosomes.

Now, they’ve since released a new track from their upcoming album Possession, which is entitled ‘Black to Gold‘, and it is awesome:

I absolutely love this track.  Those riffs are just fantastic, full of chunky goodness, and Christine Davis’ vocals have never sounded better.  And how bout that solo?  I’m sold that this record will be amazing.

Possession is set to be released February 28th on Relapse Records.  February 28th is going to be a huge, huge day for metal.  We are not worthy.

– GR


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