It’s been a jam-packed day, but we could’t let the end pass without mention of our Washington-based friends Stealing Axion, who have just announced they have signed to InsideOut Music, along with the even more exciting news that their debut full-length Moments will be released later this year!

I’ve been hanging on the every word of guitarist and vocalist Josh DeShazo ever since he sent us their self-titled EP at the end of 2010, so this is tantalising news indeed, and hopefully a sign that, despite some line-up changes, the writing and recording is nearly done, and the record shall be with us sooner rather than later, as the somewhat ambiguous “later this year” is unclear.

Speaking of line-up changes, the guys recently firmed up said roster with the addition of guitarist Charlie Shaughnessy to existing members Josh, Dan Forbrich (guitar), Phil Willmarth (bass) and Blake Ferris (drums):


For those of you unfamiliar, here’s ‘47 Days Later‘ from their EP. Enjoy!

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– CG

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