So the eagerly anticipated new Veil of Maya single ‘Vicious Circles‘ from their forthcoming album Eclipse is now available on iTunes. How does it stack up? It could be some of Veil of Maya’s most accessible work yet, with less chugging and plenty of synth layers and melodic guitar work. It changes things up a bit, which is what I’ve been hoping for. The influence that Misha had on the songwriting and production is pretty noticeable, as well! Some long-time fans of Veil of Maya might not dig it so much, but I can get into this. You can stream the song below.

All in all, you can count me excited for the new VoM. It won’t be long until we get to hear more! Eclipse is due out February 28th on Sumerian Records. Once again, be sure to check back this Friday when we post our interview!

– JR

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