Cannibal Corpse Release Their ‘Demented Aggression‘, Announce New Album Torture

Cannibal Corpse have finally given us a peek into the new album Torture, set to be released March 13th through Metal Blade, with a new track ‘Demented Aggression‘ and well… it’s Cannibal Corpse isn’t it? The biggest selling death metal band in the US and the second biggest in the world. Their name is synonymous with death metal, owning a back catalog that stretches all the way back to 1990 through eleven full length albums and I’m sure by now every metalhead is at least familiar with their name, if not the sound.

Cannibal Corpse do pure unadulterated death metal with no gimmicks and it hasn’t really changed much in the last 20 years. Steering clear of the blastbeat fetish that most other bands seem to have, they simply keep up the tempo through proficient and cutting riffs and the rapid quickfire growl of George Fisher, all backed up by a naturally killer production from Erik Rutan (Hate Eternal). There’s a smattering of technicality about it that they previously capatalised on in recent full lengths Evisceration Plague and Kill but nothing too overpowering and ‘Demented Aggression‘ is simply another chapter in the book of Cannibal Corpse that will keep long time fans happy but won’t convert any non-believers.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

After the jump, check out the track list for Torment.

– DL

01. Demented Aggression
02. Sarcophagic Frenzy
03. Scourge of Iron
04. Encased in Concrete
05. As Deep As the Knife Will Go
06. Intestinal Crank
07. Followed Home Then Killed
08. The Strangulation Chair
09. Caged…Contorted
10. Crucifier Avenged
11. Rabid
12. Torn Through


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