It looks like Heavy Blog’s favorite record label Basick Records are becoming more accessible. No, it’s not because they’ve stopped signing experimental/prog bands in favor of autotuned genericore, but because they’ve partnered up with Prosthetic Records and SONY’s RED Distribution to bring their catalog of music across the pond to North America!

Here’s a statement from Basick big-guy Nathan “Barley” Phillips:

There’s so much synergy and mutual respect between BASICK and PROSTHETIC, that when the opportunity arose to partner up and launch the label fully in the USA, we just knew that we had to make it happen.
This deal enables us to offer our bands and releases a fully dedicated U.S. staff throughout their touring and retail cycles, as well as providing us with the perfect opportunity to sign some more US bands and to also bring some of our European talent to American shores!

Bringing Basick acts to America!? Finally! Hopefully we can get Uneven Structure and Chimp Spanner over here once Basick’s presence grows into the new year. Prosthetic are also no strangers to the advancing of prog, snatching up the likes of Last Chance To Reason and Scale The Summit, and at one point, Gojira. This pairing makes sense to me!

Basick have plans of opening an office in LA this year. I can’t wait to see their growth. The first release to take part in this deal is Chimpy’s upcoming EP All Roads Lead To Here, which is due out February 14th.

– JR

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