Alright, before you get too excited, SikTh are unfortunately still broken up. However, the now legendary and influential British tech metal band have touched on the subject of the band’s future on their new official Facebook page, as well as opening a new much requested merch store.

You can read the band’s full official statement here, which goes into detail on the reasons for setting up the official Facebook page. Essentially they were being badgered so much to bring some more merchandise out that they figured this was the best way to do it.

More intriguing is the news that, whilst they are still broken up and there are no immediate plans to reform, there is, as they put it “un-finished business.”

Any sign of life and movement over at the SikTh camp is exciting, and now that merchandise is finally available, it may spark something more out of these guys. It may not be any time soon, but I can rest easy knowing that there’s a possibility of  getting to hear a new SikTh record in a few years.

Obviously, if something else ever comes out of the SikTh camp, we’ll keep you covered. In the mean time, buy a shirt and support the band!

– JR


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