Global Flatline

01. Omerga Mortis
02. Global Flatline
03. The Origin Of Disease
04. Coronmary Reconstruction
05. Fecal Forgery
06. Of Scabs And Boils
07. Vermicular, Obscene, Obese
08. Expurgation Euphoria
09. From A Tepid Whiff
10. The Kallinger Theory
11. Our Father, Who Art of Feces
12. Grime
13. Endstille
14. Nailed Through Her Cunt

[Century Media]

Legendary “Belgian” deathgrind veterans Aborted are back with a new album! A substantial portion of the fans of the band have been unhappy with the band’s previous few albums. The commonly cited reasons for this displeasure are decrease in heaviness, lack of direction in songwriting and lack of intensity in vocals. Thankfully, in the previous 4 years, Aborted seemed to have reevaluated their direction and come back full force on Global Flatline. The songs are very heavy, Sven’s vocals are absolutely hellish, and the songs are catchy as fuck while remaining ball-busting. This isn’t usually the kind of terminology I use in a review, but the subject matter of the band’s songs and the heaviness contained within make it seem appropriate. So how does this album exactly fare? Let’s take a deeper look.

Did I say that the songs are really heavy? Heavy as in a bang-your-head way, not the hardcore dance way. There’s a lot of blastbeating, and when there’s not, there’s either fast double kicks going on, or it’s a slow riff to get you going. The guitars are a bit more than your standard deathgrind fare in that there’s some sense of melody at times, even quite a few guitar solos. The style of the riffing sounds like a mix of old Aborted and Benighted‘s Icon album (which I think is one of the best of the genre). The slow riffs are really good too,  and they don’t detract from the overall heaviness of the song at all, since they’re used so well. One very legitimate issue is that due to the production, the drums overpower the guitars making them less audible, which is a shame because the guitar work is pretty fun to listen to. There isn’t really that much low end in the guitar tone, but at times there are insanely powerful bass drops to accent certain transitions. Now, this might release alarm bells in the minds of some listeners, because bass drops are usually associated with gimmicky deathcore band breakdowns, but Aborted have been using bass drops since Goremageddon, which is generally considered to be their best album. So rest assured when I say that the breakdowns, if you can call them that, aren’t bad or gimmicky, they’re typical Aborted fare and they’re really good. However, the sheer force of the bass drops makes the rest of the sound feel weak, because there really isn’t much bass in the mix.

Now, there’s the other ‘instrument’ that we haven’t talked about. Sven’s vocals. He sounds almost exactly like the way he did in System Divide, and while I understand that his voice might not be everyone’s cup of tea, I think he sounds amazing. He definitely has a unique voice and uses it well. From his raspy midrange yell to his weird, low growl, his vocals are what make Aborted unique for me. He sounds beastly, and his vocal lines are mostly very well-placed. He isn’t your average grind vocalist, and Aborted aren’t really that grindy anyway. I’d call their sound on this album “grindened death” (in the vein of blackened death). They have quite a bit of Carcass-like solos, and generally a very prominent death metal aspect. They don’t really have the core influences or the weak songwriting of the previous albums anymore, this is just pure brutality. Which is exactly what fans of the band needed.

Overall, this is a very solid album full of a hefty amount of quality extreme music. What more can one want from an Aborted album? It’s almost a full return to form, and their best album in almost ten years. Not many bands can pull off such a strong comeback. And what a comeback this album is. While the production is at times at odds with the general sound of the band, this is a very solid album in the end. Definitely worth checking out.

Aborted – Global Flatline gets…


– NT


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