Sometimes simple is better. Just look at the artwork for Whores debut EP Ruiner, it’s straight to the point and it reflects the music perfectly. A pissed-off pistol of hardcore and noise-rock exploding straight into your ear, much like if Harvey Milk or The Melvins decided to cut the experimental sections and instead focus on making big fucking riffs for even bigger songs. Abrasive and catchy in equal measures is exactly how noise -rock should be and it only takes one listen of the huge hook in ‘Tell Me Something Scientific‘ to know that Whores have it down to a tee. They may only have five tracks to their name but there’s enough great material here to make me extremely excited for whatever comes next, check out the stream below courtesy of Lambgoat.

Whores – Ruiner by lambgoat

From the Helmet-esque ‘Shower Time‘ to the pure rock in ‘Daddy’s Money‘, Whores deliver a perfect game with Ruiner and give you just enough of a buzz to having you reaching for the play button all over again. I couldn’t tell you exactly how many times I’ve listened to this EP  over the last week or so but let’s just say I know the ins and outs of Whores far too well.

– DL

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