Stream Two New Beneath the Massacre Tracks!

There’s a fine line between tech death I love and tech death I hate. There’s something about overindulgent structureless wank that I just can’t stand listening to. Beneath the Massacre are a band that’s close to the line, but ultimately, I’d consider myself a fan. I thought their 2010 EP Marée Noire was quite excellent, because it was well produced and had technically assaulting songs that were still somewhat catchy. Since then, I couldn’t wait for more music, and now we’re getting it!

Terrorizer is streaming the new Beneath the Massacre track ‘Symptoms,’ and Metal Hammer is streaming another new track titled ‘Left Hand.’ Both tracks are absolutely killer, and are exactly what I wanted to hear from them after their last EP. Their forthcoming new album Incongruous will be out on February 20th on Prosthetic Records. Here’s the tracklist:

01. Symptoms
02. Hunted
03. Left Hand
04. Hopes
05. It
06. Light
07. Incongruous
08. Pedestal
09. Grief
10. Damages
11. Unheard

– JR


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