I’m not all too keen on this whole straightforward metalcore thing that’s going on now where it’s all Christian bands that sound pretty much exactly like August Burns Red. It’s not that I particularly hate any of it, but it doesn’t necessarily speak to me most of the time. I like some ABR and Oh, Sleeper, but I could live without bands like Texas in July and Miss May I. I, The Breather are sort of in between. I sort of enjoy them while they’re playing, but I wouldn’t necessarily go out of my way to listen to them. Just my two cents, I guess.

I, The Breather are streaming a new song called ‘Bruised & Broken,‘ above. It’s completely inoffensive metalcore for fans of pretty much any other band I listed above. I know a lot of people out there are excited about their new record, but I’m more fixated on the new Veil of Maya artwork they slipped into the video still.

I, The Breather’s upcoming record Truth and Purpose is due out February 28th on Sumerian Records. You know what also comes out that day on Sumerian? The new Veil of Maya album Eclipse and the debut T.R.A.M. record. There’s something for everyone that day!

– JR


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