With recent news of At The Drive-In reuniting and the sad news of Tony Iommi, legendary guitarist of Black Sabbath being diagnosed with lymphoma, yesterday was a day of ups and downs. And now hot off the digital presses, legendary Swedish hardcore punk outfit Refused, have decided to reunite and take part in the Coachella festival this April. According to Coachella’s official Facebook page, Refused will be reuniting at the California festival and will join fellow newly reunited act At The Drive-In, as well as Radiohead, Godspeed You! Back Emperor the Black Keys and a slew of others.

In a statement released on their official website, the band cited a ‘right place, right time’ sort of mentality, with bassist Kristofer Steen getting his degree from the Swedish opera academy, guitarist Jon Brännström coming to the end of his medical studies, and Dennis Lyxzén and David Sandström forming another band together. They ended up playing a bit together, and the bug hit. The Coachella offer was the straw that broke their resistance, it seems.

I was a late comer, only getting into Refused after they disbanded, so I never got the chance to see them live, and seeing as this show is in California, my chances are still slim (bummer). Any who, for those who have been waiting for this to happen, here’s your chance to catch this legendary band in action. Head to Coachella’s official website (which seems to be bogged down at the moment) for more information and be sure to purchase your tickets, which go on sale this Friday!

Be sure to check out the entire lineup for the Coachella festival after the jump.

[Chris – For those dirty Europeans of you unable to make it, the band will also be playing Way Out West festival between August 9th -11th in Gothenburg, Sweden. Rock Sound also reckon that they will be hitting the UK at least in 2012, and considering they reckon they never did the seminal The Shape Of Punk To Come justice, I’d say chances are good. Indeed, Dennis Lyxzén confirmed today via his Facebook that more shows will be announced:

“For all you Swedes and other non-Americans; we will post more dates soon. Even though it would be great to have everyone over at Coachella for the first show you can save your hard earned cash and hopefully see us somewhere closer to home!”

I will fight you all for a ticket, I swear to dog.]

– DA


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