Along with being a guitarist and a percussionist, I’m also a bassist.  I don’t consider myself as adept at it as the aforementioned, but I don’t think I’m bad.  I like to watch videos of bass players to gain inspiration and to get better at my technique. And then I like to watch bassists just to see how insane they are.  Enter A.J. Lewandowski, above.

Yeah, he’s insane.  He’s an outstandingly good bassist, and I found out he’s the bassist for the band Decrescent, a technical death metal band from Rockford, Illinois.   The group as a whole is very talented: the guitarists(one of whom is the vocalist) can do some great riffing, and the drummer can play Fleshgod Apocalypse.  Here he is playing my personal favorite track of theirs, entitled ‘A Praise Obscene‘.


That’s pretty awesome, isn’t it? The band is currently looking for donations that will directly allow them to record their debut album. I can’t wait to hear more from these guys, and neither should you.

Below, some more tracks from them.  Enjoy.

– GR



[Ed. – readers who have been with us a while will remember us crying foul when AJ was ejected from Enfold Darkness a couple of years ago, and the subsequent hijinks that ensued in the comments from other members of the band when they found the article. Oh lawd…]

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