Hey there, folks… groverXIII here with some free tunes for you all. Now, I know that HBIH isn’t exactly rife with stoner grooves; you don’t see a lot of stoner rock bands mentioned around here, but I’m a big fan, and hey, free music is free music. I’ll start things off with Lord 13, a Greek stoner/hard rock band who have their entire discography available at their website. Now, as far as stoner rock goes, Lord 13 are fairly straightforward in their music, eschewing psychedelic noodling and layers of fuzz in favor of more standard, Southern rock riffage. But damn, they do it pretty well. I haven’t even worked my way through their discography yet, but they’re really growing on me. What can I say? I’m a sucker for riffs.

While Lord 13 steer clear of the fuzz, SpartaKiev embrace it. This foursome hails from Amsterdam, and given the place weed has in the culture over there, it’s a bit of a surprise in retrospect that there aren’t more stoner rock bands calling Amsterdam home. These guys play fuzz-heavy stoner rock along the lines of Fu Manchu and Truckfighters, and the vocalist sounds a great deal like Kyuss‘ John Garcia. Needless to say, it’s a pretty winning combination. Their self-titled debut is available for streaming and download via the Bandcamp widget below, and like a lot of stoner rock, SpartaKiev would make for excellent summer driving music.

Considering the previous bands I mentioned, The PotT are oddballs. Hailing from Turin, Italy, The PotT mix stoner rumble with industrial electronics and an alt-rock flair to create something that’s a bit hard to describe. There are times when they bust out stoner rock riffs, but they just as quickly head in a totally different direction. It’s a fascinating mix, and one that hasn’t really been done before, making The PotT something of an anomaly. I do love my musical anomalies. As with SpartaKiev, The PotT have made their debut album To Those In The Eyes Of god available as a free download via the Bandcamp widget below.



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