Premier grind band Brutal Truth have finally got around to properly promoting their 2011 effort End Time with a video for the track ‘Lottery‘. Having finally got round to spending a good amount of time with the album over the holiday period, I can safely say I respectfully disagree with fellow contributor Tentaclesworth’s review of it. For me, it’s their best effort since 1997’s Sounds Of The Animal Kingdom — a full hour’s worth of punk-infused sleazy grind imbued with the traditional spirit of classic rock and roll. I just wish I’d given it the time before it came down to picking my favourite records of the year because it would’ve been a serious contender.

While they couldn’t have picked a better track (OK, maybe ‘Small Talk‘ but beggars and choosers and all that), the video leaves a lot to be desired despite how much it matches the spastic and frantic grind the pumps through your speakers. It’s not so much a music video as an assault on the eyeballs of subtitles and live footage, however I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the exact route they were going for. In short, check it out — if only for the music.

– DL

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