Shining (Norway) are a band close to my heart, as their unique brand of industrial slightly blackened jazz fusion sound just speaks to me and my soul. If abrasive and over-distorted guitar and synth lines backing saxophone solos aren’t your thing, then I can safely say we won’t get along all that much.

2010’s Blackjazz was one of the best records of that year, and even though we get tired of many albums that came out a couple of years back, this album has not aged that much; it feels like it came out last year!

One song from that record is ‘Fisheye,’ a song that accurately encapsulates the core Shining experience as well as any. If by some chance you’ve skipped over the band before, the new video from this track might just entice you enough. Marvelous song aside, the video was shot beautifully. Ever since Chris Collins (who posts under the alias Colossus) started with his video reviews column, I’ve been more appreciative and critical of music videos, and while there’s some editing mishaps like with lyrics not matching with frontman Jørgen Munkeby’s screams, this is still one of the coolest music videos I’ve ever seen. Give that a view above!

Again, if you haven’t heard Blackjazz yet, please do that ASAP. It’s out now on Indie Recordings.

– JR

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