It’s a known fact that I am a huge fan of Obscura and Death. Obscura will soon be releasing an EP of old demos and covers, and among them is a cover of Death’s excellent ‘Flesh And The Power It Holds’, and the cover is amazing. Here you go:

It’s just perfect. For those interested, the EP should come out very soon as a self-release by Obscura, and here’s the tracklist:

Obscura – ‘Illegimitation’ Demo (2003)
1.) …and all will come to an end
2.) Crucified
3.) Fear
4.) Immanent Disaster

Obscura – ‘Cosmogenesis Preproduction’ (2006)
5.) Incarnated
6.) Open the Gates
7.) Headworm

Obscura – ‘Recording Session 2011’ (2011)
8.) Death – Flesh and the Power it Holds
9.) Atheist – Piece of Time
10.) Cynic – How Could I

– NT


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