Before I talk about this band, I just want to say that I really love Bandcamp. That site, along with similar sites like Soundcloud, have become such an essential tool for me as a music listener,  and it’s obviously quite helpful for young and growing bands who need a place to promote their music. The notion that every band needs their own unique website is quickly fading, in favor of having multiple pages on the different social media sites, and now that Bandcamp and the like are available through Facebook it’s becoming all the more easier for these bands to get exposure on quick and large scale. It’s great.

Which brings me to Battle Of Britain Memorial. Obviously this band was found by way of Bandcamp, thus the intro-paragraph. Now, this band is named after the monument of the same name which is there to honor the aircrew who flew in the Battle of Britain during World War II, so right off the bat it has some powerful connotations.

The album, The aftermath of your bright beings, is a concept album of sorts, dealing with the fall of man and the follies of human nature. The band utilizes samples from the video game Bioshock to drive the story, and help create the dystopian atmoshphere that emanates through the music. It’s a wild sort of ride that will hopefully play at your emotions, and add a new perspective on the Bioshock story for those familiar.

The music is a mix of various ‘post’ sounds. You’ve got some post-hardcore, post-metal and post-rock, with a little screamo for good measure. Sounds like an odd mix, but it works quite well. The production could use some work, but as this is their first release I can’t fault them too much. It’s kind of a shame that we didn’t learn about this earlier, could have easily been a contender for my best of 2011 list.

Oh well, here it is now. You can download the album from the band’s Bandcamp page for free, or buy a physical copy if you’re so compelled.

– EC


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