With the news of The Human Abstract‘s demise and iconic Black Sabbath guitarist Tony Iommi contracting lymphoma, 2012 really wasn’t getting off to a great start.

However, after eleven years of silence, an almost mythological five-piece are to once again make music together. Music that has sparked and influenced so many in ways that only the likes of Refused or Metallica have, and been heralded as some of the greatest heavy music of its kind of the last century.

You read that right, people: At The Drive-In are reforming. In the above message posted via Twitter, speculation from as far back as 2009 has been confirmed. The nature of the operation is unclear, but an interview with frontman Cedric Bixler-Zavala in Drowned In Sound suggested old wounds were healing, and that if ever the members were in the right place then he at least would be more than open to it.

The band originally went their separate ways in 2001 on the cusp of becoming absolutely huge, and members went on to form experimental rock band The Mars Volta and more familiar post-hardcore stalwarts Sparta. It was a creative differences sort of thing, and some words were said in the heat of it, but in the intervening time a lot of records have been produced and people, as the invariably do, have grown, and now seemingly the time has come once more.

You’ll forgive the excited tone here, and I know that tomorrow I’ll be mulling over what this might actually mean, and be a little more hesitant until I actually hear any new material (if that is, indeed, the aim), but for tonight I am balls deep in Relationship Of Command, and if you haven’t followed any of what you’ve just read, then this is possibly one of the greatest songs of its time and genre; ‘One Armed Scissor.’


– CG

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