GREETINGS AND SALUTATIONS, HEAVY BLOG ADVENTURE PALS. It’s your old pal, groverXIII. You may remember me from The Number Of The Blog, aka “that blog run by hipsters and assholes that crashed and burned worse than the Hindenberg during the holidays”. Well, while I’m busy working on our oh-so-mysteriously named Next Stage, I’ve become a bit of a mercenary, writing a few guest posts for No Clean Singing and generally sort of whoring myself out. (Wait, whores get paid, so I guess I’m just being promiscuous.) Anyway, the bands I’m here to tell you about seemed more in line with the tastes here at HBIH than NCS, and I wanted to make sure that everyone got to make use of my talents (man, am I fucking humble or what?), so here I am. On to the music!


I first happened across AeneA, well, yesterday, via a Facebook post by Spiralmountain‘s Erik Ebsen. (Spiralmountain’s album, by the way, is pretty sweet.) His exact words were “AeneA is rad. you should check them out if likes teh metals”. Coincidentally, I likes teh metals, so I checked them out, and sure enough, they turned out to be rad. Hailing from classy San Diego, AeneA play that sort of progressive death metal that seems to be all the rage these days, vaguely reminiscent of numerous bands without sounding particularly like any of them. I’ve found, lately, that I’m a sucker for this sort of thing, and they play into that perfectly with their extended instrumental passages and sprawling song structures. Their Perennial EP is available as a free download through that there Bandcamp widget you see above, and I think you will find it well worth your time.


Orion was another band that I happened across yesterday via a Facebook post from a musician friend, in this case Odyssey bassist Jordan Hilker. (Odyssey, by the way, released one of my favorite albums of the year last year.) Orion are something of a progressive instrumental djent band, and for a rather young band, these lads from Manchester are pretty damn good. Where Wales Go To Die starts off with a lengthy quote from Charlie Chaplin’s 1940 film The Great Dictator, so there’s only three tracks of actual music, but that music is engrossing, staying more on the progressive side of things than the djent side. Unlike AeneA, Orion are charging for their EP, but it’s only ₤1 (I had to copy/paste that because I don’t know how to make the squiggly thing on my non-terrorist keyboard), which is a pretty good deal. Again, this album is obtainable via the Bandcamp widget above.

Hope you enjoy the music, folks. I’ll pop up here and there as we keep working on the Next Stage.


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