Avante-garde rock outfit Kayo Dot have slipped this one in under the radar, starting 2012 off with an experimental bang with their new release Gamma Knife. I’ve always been a bit of a ‘peripheral viewer’ when it comes to these guys, as they aren’t exactly…accessible…but the music is incredibly diverse and intelligent, with ‘frontman’ Toby Driver (who used to be in maudlin of the Well too) using various stringed and woodwind instruments as well as the usual to create some seriously jazzy shit with odd time signatures and unconventional song structures.

My description doesn’t do them justice, so it really has to be heard – which it very easily can be, because Gamma Knife is available, self-released, through Bandcamp!

01. Lethe
02. Rite Of Goetic Evocation
03. Mirror Water, Lightning Night
04. Ocellated God
05. Gamma Knife

The band are currently booking dates for a May U.S. tour. Look out for that!

– CG


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