One band. One tour. Six venues. One city. ONE FUCKING DAY.

Yeah, you heard. Canadian hardcore punk quartet Cancer Bats have announced the Pentagram Tour, which takes the unique step of taking place all in one city (London), across one day (April 21st 2012). Well how’s about that?

And I’ll be, it actually does make the shape of a pentagram! In a slightly skewed, south-of-the-river kind of way, but a pentagram nonetheless. Check it (collated by the lovely Thrash Hits):

View Cancer Bats Pentagram Tour in a larger map
The timing will be as follows:

11:30am – The Old Blue Last
2:00pm – Notting Hill Arts Club
4:30pm – Upstairs at The Garage
7:00pm – Brixton Windmill
9:30pm – Camden Barfly
12:00am – (back to) The Old Blue Last

It’s an audacious move, which will allow a whole lot of people to see them, or a few select people to see them a number of times. I’m going to take a stab in the dark that different material will be played at each show, but don’t quote me on that.

Tickets are £10 each, which unless they have support, is a little steep, but never mind. I mean c’mon, you’ll only have to pay congestion charge once, what more could you need to pay for??

I kid with the economics. This could be interesting. Fuck am I going to Brixton again though; painful memories of a homeless person and £100 gone forever…

– CG

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