Yeah, I know there are a billion solo projects featuring guitarists out there shredding and showing off, but here’s the thing; we only like talking about them if we think they’re worth your time. We wouldn’t push the likes of Sithu Aye, Paul Wardingham, and Piotrek Gruszka on you if we didn’t legitimately enjoy them. Recently, another guitar-oriented solo project came to my attention in a similar vein as the above mentioned, and that is Angel Vivaldi.

Angel Vivaldi shreds, but the dude does it tastefully as you can no doubt tell from his above music video for the track ‘A Mercurian Summer,‘ a track off of his new EP Universal Language. He actually writes songs instead of piles of riffs and directionless wank! It’s shocking how many guitarists get this wrong. Unfortunately, Angel doesn’t seem to have a Bandcamp page (Y U NO?!), but his EP can be purchased on iTunes, Amazon, and BigCartel. Trust me, this stuff is fantastic. And no, it isn’t djent.

After the jump, check out his playthrough of another track from Universal Language, A Martian Winter.


– JR


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