It wasn’t until I started reading metal blogs that I realised that I really don’t have it that bad when it comes to getting to metal shows. Sure, I may have to go a couple of hours out of my way to get to a show but they’re fairly regular (the next three months are going to be particularly awesome) and it’s nothing compared the expeditions I’ve heard other people taking on. However, that doesn’t mean I can’t be jealous of this spectacular US tour involving Goatwhore, Hate Eternal, Fallujah and Cerebral Bore.

I mean look at that lineup! Goatwhore are a ridiculously talented band, taking the Slayer-isms that everyone tries so hard to recreate and takes it to a whole new level of intensity and I can definitely vouch for the sheer pummeling aural assault that is a Hate Eternal  live show after seeing them earlier in the year. Pretty sure I’ve made it clear already how much I love Cerebral Bore and judging by the sounds of Nayon’s praise I should certainly be jumping on the Fallujah hype train before they’re snorting blow off stripper’s breasts in Charlie Sheen’s mansion.

So, people of America, I have my excuse of being English, what’s yours?



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