Spawn of Possession may be one of the most overlooked and underrated tech death bands out now—at least from where I’m sitting, where every time I’ve listened to them I had a great experience, but I’ve ultimately been very lazy about these Swedes. I always said that the best time to get into a band you’ve been lazy about is by riding the hype wave surrounding a new release, and while I’m catching up on 2006’s Noctambulant, I’m already excited about their upcoming album Incurso.

Incurso will be Spawn of Possession’s Relapse Records debut, so if there’s anything that will break them out in the metal scene (if they weren’t already), then this is it. The album artwork (above) was done by the much sought-after Par Olofsson, whose work you’ve seen with the likes of The Faceless, Abysmal Dawn, Immolation, and just about every other gorgeous death metal cover you’ve seen in the last five years or so.

Here’s the tracklist:

1. Abodement
2. Where Angels Go Demons Follow
3. Bodiless Sleeper
4. The Evangelist
5. Servitude of Souls
6. Deus Avertat
7. Spiritual Deception
8. No Light Spared
9. Apparition

Incurso is due out March 13th in North America on Relapse Records. Get excited, because unless Necrophagist pulls a miracle and releases their much anticipated new album, this has potential to be the best tech death album all year.

– JR

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