I’ve never listened to Cancer Bats before — I was aware of them, but just never got round to listening to them. However, it’s the beginning of a new year and so the perfect chance to try new things, maybe I can write this off as a new year’s resolution or something. Recently the band released a new track “Old Blood” to be played on various radio stations which naturally made its way to YouTube in a matter of days, the low quality rip can be found below:


Well, I’m glad I did because I like what I’m hearing, I know they predate Kvelertak but what I’m hearing is essentially the halfway point between everybody’s favourite Norwegians and the energetic hardcore of Every Time I Die. Definitely the sort of music that would shine in a live situation but still good fun on record. “Old Blood” will be included on the upcoming Cancer Bats album Dead Set On Living, set to be released in April — I may be well behind when it comes to this band but I still have time to catch up!

– DL

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