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I’ve heard smatterings of information about this collaboration for a while now, apparently it was meant to make it’s debut in early 2011 but the press caught wind of their secret show and it was cancelled. No matter, Primal Rock Rebellion is the (unfortunate) name of the new project comprised of  two members of legendary British bands — Mikee Goodman of now defunct tech-metallers SikTh and guitarist Adrian Smith of none other than Iron Maiden. An odd coupling, for sure, but one that should produce interesting results starting with the above track “I See Lights” from their upcoming debut due out sometime this year.

Interesting is definitely the word to use. There’s nothing particularly offensive about “I See Lights” — it takes a traditional hard rock approach and at times feels a little nu-metal inspired but steers completely clear of the anthemic gallop of Iron Maiden or the juddering meanderings of SikTh. Primal Rock Rebellion aren’t the sum of their parts, instead it feels more like both members trying something a little more straightforward and to the point.  While it didn’t blow my mind in any way, I’m intrigued enough to want to hear the rest of the material but that may just be me placing too much importance on the more prominent endeavours of the members.

– DL

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