For some reason, Cut Your Teeth just don’t get the attention they deserve. Their new track “If It’s Loud” was released just before the new year and is a 2 minute ode to everything that’s fun about hardcore and thrash, containing the sort of lyrics Manowar would write if they picked up a six pack and dropped the dragons and elves. Naturally, there’s crusty riffs, shout-a-longs and even the Cut Your Teeth mainstay of a guitar solo that would do Eddie Van Halen proud — even now I’m overthinking it, it’s just a great track.

Best of all? It’s free much like the entire Cut Your Teeth discography, including the brilliant CYTII which was on my shortlist for the best albums of 2011 but unfortunately lost out in ruthless culling down to only 20 albums. Head over here to their Bandcamp page for the free downloads. Also, after the jump is a bonus video of Cut Your Teeth improving the Limp Bizkit hits collection tenfold by dressing in onesies and squealing incomprehensibly over the top of them.


– DL


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