You’ll recall late last year the news that Chimaira guitarists Rob Arnold And Matt DeVries would be leaving the band at the end of the year broke. Well, you may have noticed date on your phone now reading 2012, which means that after playing Friday night’s Chimaira Christmas 12 show, both chaps are now ex-members, which means it’s probably about high time they announced their replacements…which they have!

Emil Werstler has moved up to guitar from bass duties, and his Dååth bandmate Jeremy Creamer has taken up his former position. Completing the line-up is ex-Dirge Within guitarist Matt Szlachta.

“We are proud to announce the addition of Matt Szlachta and Jeremy Creamer to Chimaira.

The plan was to build an undeniable string section and we have done just that.

Jeremy will be pounding on the bass, and Matt shredding alongside Emil on guitar.

CCXII marks the end of an era, but it’s also the start of a new chapter. We look forward to 2012. Thank you all for your overwhelming, and continuous support.

– Mark, Emil, Matt, Z, Austin, and Jeremy
Chimaira 2012″

Well that’s something positive to start off the new year – which reminds me; happy new year guys!

– CG


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