Some of you may know Sithu Aye better as the guy who does drums for Drewsif Stalin’s Musical Endeavors, [Strike that, Chris is sick and made an oopsie. – JR] but as Alkahest saw fit to remind us a little while ago, he also writes his own stuff — and it’s damn good.

Case and point: his new song “Arrow + Knee = Adventure Over”, the title of which is a culturally relevant, if not largely overdone reference to game-of-the-year contender Skyrim‘s joke about all city guards telling you they used to be adventurers before taking an arrow to the knee.

[soundcloud url=”″]

By his own admission, it’s fairly Haunted Shores-esque, having wanted to write something in that vein for a while, but it’s certainly no rip-off, and it’s piqued my interest further for sure.

– CG

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