For those who are unaware, Devin Townsend recently released his four part magnum opus, The Devin Townsend Project, in a limited run boxset entitled Contain Us. Among the various goodies of bonus tracks, unreleased demos, and promo videos inside this massive set was the audio stems for two songs; “Bend It Like Bender” from 2009’s Addicted, and “Juular” from Deconstruction, which was released earlier this year.

From these stems, creative Devy fans have taken upon themselves to remix, and remaster the songs in various ways. One of my favorite so far is the wacky “country” remix of “Juular”.


There are many other remixes and redux of Townsend songs out there, and quite a few of them are compiled in a thread on the official HevyDevy forums. So go sign up, and enjoy some awesome fan created content.

– EC


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