Everyone’s getting into the Christmas spirit and doing metally renditions of classic Christmas songs. This year so far, we’ve had Austrian Death Machine, Becoming the Archetype, and August Burns Red release some holiday cheer in their own respective styles. Now you can add Drewsif Stalin and Carthage to your Christmas party mix.

Drewsif Stalin just released a medley of Christmas music titled “Black Christmas”, which includes “Silent Night” and “Joy To The World.” This track features Drew’s kickass singing voice, which I’m glad we’re starting to hear more of! Listen to that below:

Carthage, Tre Watson‘s band, also released a cover of “Mary Did You Know” in their own style. It’s definitely a risky cover to make because it’s supposed to be this very haunting song, but as far as stylistic interpretations go, Carthage did a pretty good job with it! Bonus points for the flamenco intro.

Yay, Christmas!

– JR

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