Amongst my close friends, Frank Turner is a bastion of what it means to be awesome. His old band Million Dead are one of the highlights of the British heavy music scene of the past ten years, and even now six years after their demise, he’s still putting out brilliant punk music – albeit with an acoustic guitar and catchy choruses.

In a recent interview with Dicking Around Productions, Frank spoke about the project that will involve ex-Million Dead bandmate Ben Dawson (drums) and Matt Nasir (baritone guitar)of Frank’s solo backing band The Sleeping Souls. Despite his hectic touring schedule (you’ll rarely find someone more prolific on the road – indeed, he has written a few songs about his constant need to be touring), he has a couple of weeks off in January, and so will be working on a new project.

He has said it will sound “a hundred times more insanely brutal than Million Dead”, going on to liken it to Napalm Death, Hot Snakes and most of all Pig Destroyer. Unfortunately it’s not quite the same project that had been mentioned earlier, which would have involved the legendary Jim Ward, co-founder of At The Drive-In and Sparta, and Jim Adkins of Jimmy Eat World, which I have no doubt would have been bitching, but that’s what you get when you live in countries on opposite sides of the world. All the same, hopefully we’ll har something from this soon, because Frank is an exemplary musician.

For those poor souls who haven’t heard his work before, here’s ‘Breaking The Back‘ from A Song To Ruin.


– CG

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