I knew this was going to be the worst one; I just knew it. Giant bugs I can handle, because they’re not real, and if they are, they’re on some fuck forsaken island in the middle of nowhere and can’t get me. Slithery aliens I can deal with because I’m not living in an American horror b-movie as far as I know. I can even put up with carnivorous cockroaches because they don’t swarm in real life, and probably aren’t that bother with me anyway.

But fucking wasps. Wasps are evil. Wasps are organised. Wasps will wait until you’re grilling a juicy steak on an open flame and then jump you. They’ll eat your fuckin’ eyes, and don’t think they won’t!

All fear aside, this has been a great series of videos, and something a little bit different. If you haven’t been keeping up, to accompany their recent EP The Animation Of Entomology, Blotted Science have been releasing sections from horror films which they have scored in their own skittering, instrumental death metal way. The music itself is absolutely fantastic, and I highly recommend picking up a copy from EclecticElectric or Basick Records, depending on your country.

Still; fuck you, Jarzombek. Fuck all o’ y’all.

– CG

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