Ever since Bandhappy was announced earlier this year, I was eager to see how it would turn out. The fact that there is a platform on the horizon that allows fans to be taught how to play an instrument by their favorite musician speaks volumes about how lucky we are in this day in age where the barrier between the bands and the fans is getting thinner and thinner by the day.

Just think about this for a second; You all know that my favorite band is Between the Buried and Me, and it won’t be long before I’ll be able to be the student of Paul Waggoner himself thanks to Bandhappy. This is a big deal, and this new innovation (which is masterminded by Periphery‘s Matt Halpern) will likely make a huge impact. The above video, narrated by our good pal Justin Gosnell of Vestascension, introduces the idea of Bandhappy further. Here’s the scoop:

BANDHAPPY. A new music marketplace for a new music world. BANDHAPPY connects teachers and students in a one-of-a-kind music community, offering both in-person lessons or online lessons anywhere on the planet via our custom-built, in-house video chat system.

Musicians can use BANDHAPPY for instant access to a readily available pool of potential students, so they can teach whatever they want, whenever they want, wherever they want. BANDHAPPY makes it easy for musicians to manage their teaching schedules effortlessly, while still doing what they love to do, even when they’re out on the road.

The touring musicians who created BANDHAPPY have made the entire process hassle-free for both students and teachers. Everything from scheduling to payment is handled seamlessly in one place, on our easy-to-navigate, user-friendly site.

Students have a unique opportunity to interact with and learn from their favorite performers, often without even leaving home. BANDHAPPY offers access to one-on-one lessons — in person or online — with the teacher of your choice, chosen from our impressive roster of professionals in every possible genre.

BANDHAPPY. A new music marketplace for a new music world.


I think I speak for everyone when I say…


Bandhappy is set to launch soon. We’ll tell you when it opens up, but in the mean time, sign up for updates and keep tabs on Bandhappy on Facebook, where new teachers are always being announced!

– JR

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