That would be Ben Kenney, bassist of Incubus, and Thomas Erak, formerly of defunct post-hardcore legends The Fall Of Troy. Right then.

It’s a damn fine track too. Entitled ‘I.D.F.A.R.‘ (no idea, sorry), it came about simply by Kenney, who plays drums on the track, Erak, and Ashley Mendel jamming together; the latter of whom said of it:

“In December of 2010, I got together with two good friends one day and we made this song together. Thomas Erak played guitars and is the first vocalist. I played drums and sing second. And Ashley Mendel played bass and sings last. Great times with great people. I drink for a reason! Enjoy.”

[soundcloud url=”″]

It’s certainly got elements of both Incubus and TFOT; it’s got some interesting guitar lines (anyone who has seen Thomas Erak play and sing the most complicated shit at the same time will know he has no problem with doing both simultaneously) and a chilled feel to it.

Given that this is a year old I’m not holding out for any further songs or a full collaboration, but it seemed worth sharing.

– CG

[Thanks to The PRP]

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