What I like about Periphery is that they’re very tech savvy and are fairly open with their fans about the goings on of the band and their work on the new record, so every other day or so it seems we’re getting little bits of new material and studio antics. One of the latest updates comes in the way of Periphery newcomer Mark Holcomb tracking guitar. It would appear that since his recent inclusion into the Periphery ranks has resulted in the absorption of Haunted Shores material. The above video shows Mark recording a riff from HS demo track “Scarlet.” Interesting! I wonder if any more of HS’s backlog of material will make the jump to Periphery. What does this mean for HS in general?

After the jump, you can check out guitarist Jake Bowen’s work on creating electronic interludes for the new record, as well as a quick listen at Spencer tracking vocals while MC Jake gives us a run down of the new album.

– JR





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