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For the most part, it’s a safe bet that an active band will release an album about every two years. Obviously, you have outliers like Necrophagist and Wintersun, but most professional musicians that are extensively touring end up putting out something every two years or so. Among these bands is The Contortionist, who released their acclaimed debut album Exoplanet back in 2010, now having their eyes set on a new album for 2012.

In an interview with Guitar World, guitarist Robby Baca spoke of the new record. Here’s a quick breakdown of information we know so far:

  • Recording starts in February with Jason Suecof and Eyal Levi at Audio Hammer Studios in Orlando, Florida
  • New album will see the use of 7 string guitars
  • It will be a concept album
  • Less emphasis on breakdown-driven deathcore

Sounds good to me! If they can somehow get even close to how amazing Exoplanet was, we’ve got a hit on the horizon. We’ll have more info when it’s available!

– JR


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