I can’t remember if we’ve ever discussed Toronto-based djent band Intervals before, but considering the buzz and fanbase they’ve been building for themselves, we definitely should have. Apologies for being late to the game! What caught my attention was the beautifully shot playthrough video for their track “Sonar.” Playthrough videos are nothing new, but this particular video looked more like a full-fledged music video of sorts, but instead of a bunch of dudes standing around in a warehouse somewhere, guitarist/songwriter Aaron Marshall just plays through the song himself. This is pretty much the future of music videos, I suspect, given the surgence of DIY/bedroom projects.

Intervals are set to release their debut EP The Space Between for free December 20th. Be on the look out for it by keeping up with them on Facebook. After the jump, you can check out another playthrough for the track “Still Winning.”

– JR


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