Once Ulcerate signed to Relapse Records, I knew that there would be much more extensive world touring from these Kiwi death metallers, and of course, they’ve already got a European tour planned for in February, with support from French blackened death metal band Svart Crown. Get your balls ready, Europe. Your shit’s getting ruined:

Feb. 2              Reims, France                          Centre Culturel du Crous                                 
Feb. 3              Nijmegen, Netherlands             Merleyn                                   
Feb. 4              Ghent, Belgium                         Frontline                      
Feb. 5              London, UK                             Purple Turtle                
Feb. 6              Edinburgh, Scotland                  Bannermans                 
Feb. 7              Liverpool, UK                          The Masque                
Feb. 8              Birmingham, UK                       Asylum 2         
Feb. 9              Paris, France                            TBA                            
Feb. 10            Halle, Germany                         Marktwirtschaft                       
Feb. 11            Leipzig,Germany                       Metal Shuppen                        
Feb. 12            Krakow, Poland                       Kazamaty Club                        
Feb. 13            Praha, Czech Republic              Black Pes                                
Feb. 14            Ostrava, Czech Republic          Barrak                         
Feb. 15            Bratislava, Slovakia                  Randal Club                            
Feb. 16            Ljubjana, Slovenia                    Menza Pri Koritu         
Feb. 17            Padova, Italy                            Tacu Tacu Club                       
Feb. 18            Cesena, Italy                            Big Barré                     
Feb. 19            Montpellier, France                  Secret Place    
Feb. 21            Trier, Germany                         Exhaus                        
Feb. 22            Copenhagen, Denmark             Club Loppen               
Feb. 23            TBA, Germany                                     TBA                            
Feb. 24            Bad Oeyhnausen, Germany       Black Sabbath             
Feb. 25            Ludwigshafen, Germany             Cafe Dôme (A Sultan’s Night)

And don’t think you have it easy either, America. Ulcerate are attending Maryland Deathfest X and are doing a line of shows around their appearance at the festival. Dates will be announced soon enough.

– JR


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