Whenever a musician in the industry passes away, it’s often assumed (rightly or wrongly) that it was as a result of drugs or alcohol (case and point: Jimmy Sullivan of Avenged Sevenfold, Mike Star of Alice In Chains). The sad news that GWAR guitarist Cory Smoot – AKA Flattus Maximus – had died whilst on tour early last month didn’t feel like that though, even though he was only 34. GWAR have never seemed like a band that take themselves seriously enough to get involved in any of that crap, and as expected, it was something completely unrelated; namely a coronary artery thrombosis brought about by a pre-existing coronary artery disease.

Man that blows.

GWAR didn’t let up though – even performing sans masks one show – and have provided fitting tribute to their fallen brother by carrying on. Good on you guys.

A fund to raise money for Cory’s wife Jaime and unborn child can be found here, if you care to help out.

– CG


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