The almighty Ihsahn (ex-Emperor frontman turned prog solo project) played a headlining set in Tokyo this week with one fan capturing the whole set in surprisingly high quality. If only more fan bootlegs were this good, we’d never have to go to shows—WELL, we should go to shows regardless because that’s a band’s bread and butter along with merch sales, but you get the point; bootlegs are handy for shows that are simply impossible to see otherwise. When’s the last time Ihsahn was in America for a legitimate tour? Certainly not since before After was released, unless I somehow missed it.

Anyway, what I’m getting at is that if you’ve been neglected by touring acts like I am and yearn to see Ihahn live, feast your eyes on the above hour+ Ihsahn set, supported by the band Leprous. Ihsahn couldn’t have found a more appropriate backing band. I just wish SHINING‘s Jorgen Munkeby were there to play saxophone on “A Grave Inversed“! Oh well. Otherwise, everything is absolutely glorious. Someone tell Ihsahn to put out a live DVD, because I’d buy it in a heartbeat.

Speaking of Ihsahn, there’s a new solo record out in 2012. This sends tickles to my nethers, and if it doesn’t tickle yours, you need to hear 2010’s After and re-evaluate your tastes.

– JR


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