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Like I said on Monday, the Frenchmen in Alcest, Hypno5e, and Gojira will release albums in 2012 that will no doubt all be absolutely stellar. Then The Number Of The Blog‘s GroverXIII pointed out to me that I had overlooked the progressive death metal powerhouse of Gorod. I can’t believe I completely forgot about Gorod working on their album! You can just add them to a strong line of France-based metal that will take 2012 by storm.

Metal Injection are hosting Gorod’s new studio update vid, and poor audio quality aside, I’m liking what I’m hearing so far. You can watch that above. The band are currently in the mixing phase of their as of yet untitled new record, which is due out early next year. We’ll have information on the record when it comes in!

– JR

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