We’re running a little late on things today, but bear with us folks!

So, Unexpect released an album this year that, whilst I caught it, I caught it at a fairly hectic time, and it received nowhere near the kind of attention it deserved – from me or from most people for that matter – so along with our bros The Number Of The Blog and Metalsucks, I thought it was time to rectify that posthaste.

Luckily, the French-Canadian six-piece have given us something to talk about in a bass playthrough video of the track ‘Words‘ from said album, Fables Of The Sleepless Empire, from bassist-type chap ‘ChaotH’ (I have no idea what the dude’s real name is, but whatevs). Yes; that is a nine-string bass, and he is awesome on it.


ChaotH’s bass work on Fables is exemplary, and I highly recommend you check it out here. They’re female-fronted, which is refreshingly different for such a technical band.

– CG

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