Admittedly I don’t have a lot of experience with Boris, the experimental rock band from Tokyo, Japan, but amongst my friends their reputation precedes them, and it’s more my laziness and having a thousand things to listen to at any one time more than anything.

I honestly didn’t know that they had a new album – which is very ‘what is says on the tin’-esque in that its title IS New Album – but I believe the time to check them out it now, when a stream for it has dropped onto our collective laps, which you can check out over at AOL. It’s their fifteenth full album apparently, so there are no more excuses. It’s out today on Sargent House (although I think it’s been out for a while in Japan?).

Also available is Chevelle‘s new album Hats Off To The Bull, which isn’t usually part of our remit, but JR has a soft spot for them, and he’ll be bringing you his thoughts on it a bit later. It’s out today on Epic Records, and available to stream here. Don’t say we never do anything different!

– CG


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